Kingdom Life Coaching Masterclass

Join this FREE online MASTERCLASS and learn the powerful and Holy Spirit given B5 system

After this Masterclass you will know:

  • How to avoid the most common pitfalls in helping others
  • How to integrate your faith with proven psychological and neurological coaching methods
  • One of the most, if not thé most powerful tool that you can use directly after the Masterclass to bring healing to yourself and to others
  • How to apply the B5 framework for helping others and even build your Life Coaching Business upon

Date and time:  29 October 11.30-13.30 AM EST/10.30-12.30 CDT/17.30-19.30 CET

Do you recognize this: “I don’t have a system. I don’t feel ready and equipped. How do I prevent relapsing for myself and for my cliënt?”

 Slay the giants of feeling unqualified, and insecure by being equipped. Learn to experience and teach methods with results of sustainable breakthrough. 

Join us. Together we’ll bring out the GOLD.

Learn from my 30 years of experience in the field. I have helped thousands of people to get sustainable breakthrough with these powerful tools, insights and revelations from the Holy Spirit.

I was training under another program at the time to become a coach, when I had a coaching session with Renate. I immediately saw a difference in the way she coaches vs how I was being taught in the other program. I HAD to know why she was able to coach me so differently. I actually got breakthrough with Renate in 1 session! It was powerful! That’s why I took her course. I was debating whether or not to be a coach prior to her course. During her course, I realized I did in fact want to be a coach. Her course gave me personal healing that I didn’t even know I needed. It was like she was teaching me to be a coach, but through that God was healing me. I’m so much more confident now than before!

Cat Timmons



 Often we as leaders that care fall into the trap of savior and rescuer rather than helping people see their need for change and the things that trap them. If we can learn how to coach rather than just give answers and advice, there will be lasting fruit and I believe we will raise up true disciples of Jesus Christ who in turn will do the same. This will truly advance His Kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven!

I was desiring to learn and have a role model for bringing the gold out of people. I am a communicator and my style lent itself more towards talking, advising and teaching. Renate has taught me the value of good listening skills, summarizing so people can know I’ve truly heard them, and then asking deeper questions, as well as teaching me other tools to help me help them overcome their mental, emotional, relational, spiritual and even physical confusion and come into clarity. Through the scientific understanding of how the brain and body work together as well as reliance on the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit which is such a powerful and beautiful combination.

Valery Bird

I desired to learn tools and insights to integrate in the ministry work I already did. This training has helped me in so many ways! It changed the way I do ministry and I even use it in my regular conversations.

Karen Bensler